Where Are The Best Florida Beaches?

Best Florida Beaches cover over 1200 miles of coastline…

Deerfield Beach, Florida

So, there are a lot to choose from! If you are searching for: A romantic spot for a Florida beach wedding, tips for an awesome family fun-filled vacation, the best Florida beaches that are natural and unspoiled, the best pet beaches in Florida, or the best beach to go camping…then, you are in the right place!

Discover what our family has known for 30 plus years…that Florida truly is paradise right in our own backyard. Did you know that everyone who lives in Florida is within 60 miles of a beach? Luckily for us we’re a lot closer!

We are constantly in search of the best Florida beaches for fun and sun, and would love to share them with you…whether it’s vacations with the kids…romantic weekend getaways for two…weddings on the beach…sea kayaking…surfing…snorkeling… fishing…boating…or just relaxing in the sun!

Grab your flip-flops and let’s Go Coastal!

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